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---------------------- Author of Water Stops

Who am I? How many times in an interview have you been asked to say something about yourself and you go blank? Well, I’ll give it a shot! I am Brenna. I am not the person I was when I got married. I am not the person I was when I raised my kids. I am not because I am always evolving. Because of that I see with blinders off. I am approachable. I am kind. Soft but incredibly strong. Very informed but do not feel the need to have the last word.  Open. Passionate about my mindset and eager to help others with theirs. Mind, body, and soul are more than 3 words to me. They are the key to unlocking potential, being comfortable in your own skin, and keeping up with yourself and no one else. I am fun. I’m not afraid of what life throws at me. I will celebrate for no reason and I will dance in the rain. I will listen. I will always have a rebellious side. When I’m 80 I will still wear perfume to bed. I think pizza and wine are a killer combo. I think laughing is sexy. I am at ease with being me. 

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$14.95 (plus $2.50 shipping)

With her debut book, Water Stops, Brenna shows us that challenges in life are a gateway to strength. She and her husband, Philip, have been married for 30 years and have 3 beautiful children. Her latest challenge is "Water Stops" - a memoir of determination and adversity that took a lifetime to prepare and create.

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"Brenna said life is our classroom. Our classroom just got brighter, stronger, 

and more vulnerable with her story and lessons of power." - Chloe

"I loved reading Water Stops because it's an inspiring story about persevering no matter what challenges life throws at you. Same thing for the fun challenges of following your dreams like running a marathon or starting your own business. I found her "water stops" metaphor visually powerful. If you feel tired or overwhelmed, take a break, refuel with water, relax, and when you are ready, get back on course toward your prized goal.

If you need inspiration, this book is a must read. Each chapter is written in the format of running 26.2 miles one mile at a time which I loved!" - Rivkah

Introduction to Meditation

Learn about meditation and all of its benefits. Individual and group sessions available.

Weekly Meditations

Keeping you accountable. Finding quiet moments within your day for your mind, body and soul. Individual and Group sessions available.


3 M's

Let's put it all together. Meditation. Motivation. Mindfulness. Individual, Group and Corporate sessions.


Learning to breathe.  Taking this wonderful tool within all of us and using it to clear our minds

It may not solve the problems outside your door but it will calm you so you can handle them.

Sandy Beach


To see the beauty within yourself, others, and around you crystal clear.

To be present. Don’t think about what happened before and don’t think about what is going to happen in a minute.


I have been able to find something good in my worst moments. You get up. You dust off. You start and start again.  And that one moment can change everything.

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