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How do you cope with the longest month of the year? Is it exciting? Have you been on a new adventure? Do you have a map on your wall marked with all the new places you want to see all over the world? Have you filled out your new, crisp full of goals organizer? As you pin picture perfect ideas to your Pinterest board, do you say “this time, I really am going to cook that meal, decorate that room, and put together that outfit?” Have you made a career change? A new diet? Workout plan? All good ideas. For me, January is full of possibilities. A clean state, a fresh start. I almost can’t wait to buy a new calendar at the end of the year. And then, I just sit and look at it. It is pretty. It is a blank canvas just waiting for me to color with everything I want to do. To be very honest, it also comes with pressure. All these amazing plans we have take time. January comes in with a rush of adrenaline. That rush has a way of pushing us to make too many decisions at once. Fill our pages of our calendar too quickly. A new year, we have to just get up and go, get started already! It is everywhere we look. On TV, and social media. Someone needs to say, it is ok to slow down for a minute! Just take a moment and make sure your time is where it deserves to be. Time is precious. January is unique. I don't think there is another month that comes in with all these questions and we can’t help but be excited about all that may come in the new year. So, spread your wings and do your thing. I am. I have decided to go after my 200hr yoga teacher training certification. Something I have wanted to do for a very long time and finally said, “what am I waiting for?” I guess I was waiting for January.

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